What Are Common Problems With the Volvo V70?

Hard transmission shifts, door lock assembly issues and the premature deterioration of the upper engine mount are some common problems with the Volvo V70. Other problems include a failing anti-lock brake system control module and wear and tear of the front control arm bushings.

Transmission shift problems can vary from hard transmission shifts, difficulty in downshifting and shift delays during gear changes to the loss of the actual transmission function. Performing transmission software updates prior to repair followed by a shift adaptation reset can resolve minor transmission problems. To avert serious transmission problems, the transmission fluid must receive periodic service.

A common problem with the door lock assembly is the door failing to lock or unlock, often leading to stuck doors. In some cases, the passenger, driver or backseat doors may fail to unlock with a remote key operation and may then require manual unlocking. The upper engine mount tends to wear off before its time due to cracked or broken rubber inserts. Unless replaced, this can result in roughness during transmission shifts and engine idling.

The warning light on the dashboard for the anti-lock brake system can malfunction and fail to display. This usually occurs due to errors in the control module. Replacing the control module resolves this issue. The front control arm bushings of the Volvo V70 wear out and cause squeaking sounds from the front or steering alignment problems. Replacing the bushing overcomes this problem.