What Are Common Problems With Used Vespas?

Common problem with used Vespas include accident damage to the frame and body, engine defects and transmission problems. While problems with used Vespas typically can be easily fixed, parts can be expensive, depending on the age of the model.

Common problems of a used Vespa include outer damage such as ripples in the metal and bends in the floorboard of the scooter, which could signify serious crash damage to the frame. Another common problem with used Vespas is rust and poor quality of the paint. The price of a Vespa is largely determined by the quality of the paint, and it can be expensive to get a good paint job.

With older Vespas, common problems include the motor not idling smoothly, gas and oil leakage, and excessive smoking. Another problem with used Vespas is that when suddenly accelerated, they can jump out of gear. This problem is indicative of a worn transmission or worn gears and can be expensive and difficult to repair. If the bike bounces a lot when the rider hits a bump, there may be issues with the scooter's suspension. While common problems with used Vespas usually can be fixed, parts can be very expensive, particularly on older models.