What Are Some Common Problems With Used RVs?


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Clogged pumps, filters and lines, leaks and plumbing problems are common problems on used recreational vehicles. Thoroughly inspect all elements of a used RV and, when possible, have a professional service perform an inspection as well.

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What Are Some Common Problems With Used RVs?
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RVs that have sat too long without being used can encounter a wide variety of problems. Fluid and fuel systems are typically a major culprit with sediment, and other debris can foul fuel and oil pumps and plug up lines. For self-propelled motorhomes, the age of the vehicle combined with the mileage is a good indication of its usage history. Older motorhomes that have few miles on them could indicate mechanical problems, while those with too many could have wear and tear issues.

Leaks in the roof or around seams and windows are some of the most common problems for used RVs. Look for stains on the roof, walls or carpet, which can indicate problem areas. Also, inspect all of the window seals, floor molding and trim work for excessive amounts of caulk or sealant, which can mean repairs have been attempted to fix leaks.

Broken plumbing lines are also common problems. These occur frequently if the RV is from an area with cold winters and was not winterized properly.

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