What Are Common Problems With a Toyota RAV4?


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Common problems with a Toyota RAV4 include excessive fuel consumption, failure of the check engine light, shifting problems, failure of the car to start and random shut offs. Other problems include failure of the automatic transmission at high mileages, a noisy engine and brake failure.

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What Are Common Problems With a Toyota RAV4?
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A faulty oil level sensor, a defective valve guide seal or a coolant leak in the engine causes excessive oil consumption in a Toyota RAV4. A faulty catalytic converter closest to the head of the cylinder or a loose gas cap can cause the check engine light to come on with no apparent reason.

A low transmission fluid level, a oxidized, dirty or overfilled transmission fluid can cause the automatic transmission to fail. Additionally, a malfunctioning electronic control module can cause harsh shifting, making the car jump from gear to gear. Worn out or corroded solenoid contacts in the starter can cause the RAV4 to fail to start.

A faulty alternator, a worn out battery or a defective ignition key can cause the vehicle to start and run for a few seconds before stalling. A worn out shift solenoid or an incorrectly set throttle position sensor can cause faulty shifting of the car at high mileages. A worn out cam belt can cause squealing and grinding noises in the engine. The presence of oil or grease on the brakes or a worn-out brake pad can lead to brake failure.

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