What Are Some Common Problems That Occur With Sebring Convertibles?


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Common problems that occur with Chrysler Sebring vehicle models include water leaks, stalling or starting issues and clicking sounds from the vents, according to Repair Pal. These problems can be fixed at Chrysler Sebring auto shops.

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Water leaking inside the car is a common Sebring problem usually caused by a plugged air conditioning drain. The leak usually occurs on the front passenger side of the vehicle near the feet. The evaporator drain tube needs to be unclogged or replaced to fix the problem.

Another common issue with the Sebring is the vehicle stalling or failing to start. This is usually caused by a failed sensor located inside the distributor. The problem may also be caused by internal damage to wires leading to the distributor. The problem may be fixed by either replacing the distributor sensor or replacing the wires depending on the specific cause of the problem.

A loud clicking noise when the heat or air conditioning is turned on is another common problem. The best solution is to take the vehicle to a reputable Chrysler Sebring dealer to have the problem diagnosed and fixed. Other commonly reported problems include delayed gear engagement and erratic shifting. Some Sebring models have also been recalled for possible brake failure, faulty fuel gauges and problems with printed circuit boards.

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