What Are Some Common Problems With the Nissan Xterra?

Common problems with the Nissan Xterra include an illuminating check engine light, engine noises, leaking coolant outlet and failure of the engine to start, as of 2015. Other problems include fuel injector failure, squealing brakes and steering problems.

A faulty level sensor in the Nissan Xterra causes illumination of the check engine light. It also leads to inaccurate or erratic fuel gauge readings. Excessive slack in the secondary timing chains may cause buzzing noises in the engine. When the distributor shaft bearing becomes rusty, it may cause the engine to stall or not start at all.

Coolant leaks in the radiator leads to transmission failures in the Nissan Xterra. Corrosion and clogging of the connectors causes fuel injector failures. Faulty rotors and worn-out brake pads causes squealing noises when braking. Leaking power steering fluid and a faulty steering hoses causes power steering problems.