What Are Some Common Problems With Jeep Cherokee Laredos?


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The most common issue with all Jeep Cherokees, including the Laredo trim, is engine oil leaks from the valve cover, oil pan, and timing cover gaskets. Another common problem is that the exhaust manifolds are known to crack where the pipes are welded.

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If a Jeep Cherokee owner sees oil leaking, it is very likely that the problem is the vehicle's common engine oil leak issue, and a mechanic should look at the vehicle. When it comes to the cracked exhaust manifolds, this is not easy to see, but it is easy to hear, as it sounds like a ticking sound coming from the area near the engine.

Another common problem that plagues Jeep Cherokee owners is a leaking front or rear differential pinion seal or transfer case leak. These are common leaks and often occur at the case-mating surfaces. To fix this issue, the owner of the Jeep must take the vehicle to a mechanic for the transfer case to be resealed.

In addition to these common issues associated with a Jeep Cherokee, there are also general maintenance issues to care for, which are common repairs associated with most cars. For instance, a head gasket may need to be replaced, or the Jeep may need a new alternator. These repairs are several hundred dollars, and in the case of a head gasket replacement, the cost may be over $1,000.

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