What Are Some Common Problems With the Ford EcoBoost Engine?


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Some common problems with the Ford EcoBoost engine include being prone to catching fire, shaking of the engine, being under-powered and sudden stalling, as at 2015. Other problems include shuddering, loss of power and high fuel usage

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As at 2015, degradation of the fuel tank in the Ford EcoBoost engine causes fuel leakage problems. The power plant may spit spark plugs in the engine without warning. This makes the engine prone to catching fire. This problem may result from prolonged exposure of the vehicle to elevated body temperatures. It also develops from a buildup of carbon on the fuel intake valves. In order to deliver premium gasoline, the engine requires premium gasoline.

Sudden shaking of the Ford EcoBoost engine during high acceleration may be caused by buildup of condensed air in the intake tube. Sudden acceleration changes the airflow rate causing the engine to pull more air. The sucking of air into the engine causes shuddering with large air amounts leading to engine limps. Check engine light problems may be caused by faulty cylinder coils, coolant hose and defective cylinder heads.

Unexpected loss of power when accelerating is caused by failure of the powertrain control module software. It may be caused by force-induction chemicals that cause reactions that increases temperatures in the turbo-changers. High fuel usage may be caused by the intensive use of the turbo-changer. This causes the engine's fuel economy to fall short of its estimated mpg.

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