What Are Some Common Problems With the Ford 6.0 Diesel Engine?

Common problems with the Ford 6.0 diesel engine include the ERG valve, ERG cooler, turbo charger, oil cooler, fuel injection control module (FICM), fuel injectors and the high pressure oil system. Once all of the issues have been fixed with the 6.0 diesel, it is a powerful and reliable engine.

The problems that are associated with the Ford 6.0 diesel power stroke engine can take hours to diagnose by an experienced diesel technician using a Ford IDS scan tool. The list of issues below offer some insight as to what to look for when diagnosing the truck without a professional mechanic.

Fuel injection control module

The FICM supplies 48 volts to the injectors through a computer and when it fails, the problem is a hard start or no start. Other issues could be a rough idle or even a loss in power.

ERG cooler

When the ERG cooler fails, coolant enters into the manifold causing white smoke from the tail pipe and a loss of coolant in the engine. The problem can cause severe engine damage, including hydro-lock and bent connecting rods.

Turbo charger

The turbo charge issue can be minimal, such as having a buildup of carbon or rust which causes there to be no boost, or severe, where a bearing failure sends sharp shrapnel towards and into the cylinders, which can cause severe damage to the engine.

ERG valve

A failed ERG valve causes black smoke, no start issues, loss of power and sometimes a fluttering noise.

Fuel injectors

Dirty oil, the FICM, electrical problems or other mechanical issues can cause problems with the fuel injectors. A rough idle, hard start and dark smoke are signs of bad fuel injectors and, even though the problem goes away with a warm engine, it can still cause serious damage to the engine if ignored.