What Are Some Common Problems Experienced by Owners of the Honda VTX?


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The most common problem experienced by owners of the Honda VTX 1300 motorcycle is instability and wobbling of the motorcycle's handlebars during low-speed maneuvering, according to ARFC.org. Some owners also report problems with fuel leakage and with the motorcycle's speedometer reporting inaccurate speeds.

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The steering instability reported by many owners of the Honda VTX 1300 motorcycle usually occurs at speeds between 30 and 45 mph. The motorcycle's handlebars may begin to wobble erratically at these speeds and require extra attention from the rider to control. The wobbling behavior most often occurs after riders decelerate from higher speeds. Some owners have reported that they have been advised by mechanics to replace bearings in the steering yoke of the VTX 1300 to correct this issue, but the effectiveness of this solution in reducing steering instability is not clear.

Fuel leakage is another common problem with VTX 1300 motorcycles due to problems with the fuel control system diaphragm. These leaks pose a potential fire hazard in the presence of an ignition source. The VTX 1300's leakage issue was traced to a manufacturing defect in 2007 and 2008 models, and Honda issued a recall to replace the faulty diaphragms of these bikes. However, owners of earlier model years of the VTX 1300 not covered by the recall have also reported similar leaks.

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