What Are the Most Common Problems Encountered With a Nissan Versa?

The most commonly reported problem for the Nissan Versa is the easy loss of hubcaps in the 2007 model, as noted by Car Complaints. Other commonly reported problems include issues with the transmission, the air conditioning and broken coil springs in the vehicle.

While there are many common traits between the Nissan Versas produced in each manufacturing year, it is important for customers considering the purchase of a Nissan Versa to look at each manufacturing year individually to determine the most common complaints associated with the vehicle.

On average, the 2007 model has merited the most complaints from buyers. In addition to the most common problem, which is that the hubcaps easily fall off the vehicle, complaints include issues with the exhaust system, engine problems and problems with the air conditioning and heating system.

The 2009 model of the Nissan Versa received a large number of complaints, with the majority of these centering on the car's suspension. Other complaints include problems with the wheels and hubcaps, issues with interior accessories and problems with the exhaust system.

The most serious complaint about the Nissan Versa overall is the failure of the transmission system, which occurred in several 2012 models of the vehicle.