What Are Some Common Problems With the Duramax Fuel Filter?


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Common problems with the Duramax fuel filter include sub-standard filtration of fuel, development of small cracks in the filter housing, and a bad filter housing o-ring and water-in-fuel sensor o-ring, as of 2015. The latter two defects cause air to seep into the fuel system.

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The 2001 to 2004LB7 fuel filter housings are the most prone to problems, according to DuramaxHub.com. The Duramax fuel filter is rated for five microns, meaning it is supposed to filter out fuel particles larger than five microns. However, the filter allows too high a percentage of particles larger than this size to pass, leading to fuel injector failures. Installing a pre-filter with water separation resolves this problem. Using a quality fuel additive is also very important.

A filter housing defect can cause air to enter the fuel system, which can lead to long cranks and hard starts. On identifying this problem, General Motors, the manufacturer of the Duramax engine, is making significant improvements to its fuel filter, as of 2015.

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