What Are Some Common Problems With a Dodge Ram?


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Common problems with a Dodge Ram include a cracking dashboard, engine failure, erratic starts, alternator failure and premature rotor wear. Other problems include overheating, increased oil consumption, water leakage and a front-end vibration.

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Exposing a Dodge Ram to heat for long periods can cause the dashboards to crack. A discharged battery, a faulty ignition switch, a defective fuel pump or a worn out starter motor relay cable can cause the engine not to start. Additionally, a faulty power module can cause the same problem.

A defect in the circuitry of the crankshaft sensor can cause the Dodge Ram to experience difficulties when starting. Premature wear in the brakes and rotors emanates from a worn out rear brake pad. A defect in the power output, a dead battery or worn out ball bearings can stop the alternator from producing power.

A Dodge Ram may overheat due to a clogged radiator, a faulty water pump or a faulty automatic oil cooler. Additionally, a defective thermostat and a worn out head gasket can cause the engine to experience heating problems. A defective intake manifold gasket may leak and cause increased oil consumption and a spark knock during acceleration. Water leakage may occur due to a faulty rear window seal. A design flaw in the steering components of the Ram causes the frame to flex out of control, and this may cause the car to wobble.

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