What Are Some Common Problems With the Chevrolet Colorado?


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Some common problems with the Chevrolet Colorado include malfunctioning AC blowers, compact disc player failure, malfunctioning fuel level sensors and gas cap complications. Other problems include engine misfire, brake light faults and failure of the climate control system.

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Improper functioning of the AC blower in the Chevrolet Colorado is associated with failure of the truck’s resistors. Due to a faulty blower motor resistor block, the AC blower may stop operating at variable speeds. Manual operation of the audio system rather than use of the remote control may be the cause of a malfunctioning compact disc player.

Complications with the gas cap may cause failure of the engine lights, and worn-out valve seats may be the cause of engine misfiring, which can lead to illumination of the check engine light. Delays in the transmission system can cause failure of the fuel level sensor when the truck is put in reverse and has limited fuel in the power system.

Faulty brake lights are a result of slow response in the braking system. Rusting and collusion of the brake lines results from the salt belts used to melt ice in cold regions. An inability of the trucks equinox heater to blow in both hot and cold air can result in climate control system malfunctions.

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