What Are Common Problems That Cars Have?


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Common car problems include flat tires, blown headlight bulbs and faulty spark plugs. Most of these problems are preventable with routine maintenance, but some problems arise with little warning. All of these problems are easy enough for most car owners to fix themselves, saving money on auto shop repairs.

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What Are Common Problems That Cars Have?
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Depending on the type and size of puncture causing a flat tire, car owners can plug, patch or replace the tire. Plugging and patching require specialized tools and materials that most car owners do not have. However, each of these repairs is fairly inexpensive at a tire repair shop. Serious punctures, worn tires or large gashes require replacing the entire tire.

Replacing blown headlight bulbs is usually very easy. Most car manuals or repair guides have information on bulb replacement for specific makes and models, and bulbs are available from most auto parts stores.

Faulty or dead spark plugs cause a car to run weakly because only some of the engine's cylinders fire. Replacing a spark plug involves disconnecting the vehicle's battery, removing the spark plug wires, unscrewing the old spark plugs and screwing the new plugs into the engine. When replacing multiple plugs, keeping track of which spark plug wire goes with which socket is essential, as mixing up these wires can cause an engine to run weakly or not at all.

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