What Are Some Common Problems With Car Air Conditioners?

Common problems with a car air conditioner include moisture build-up, conditioner refrigerant deterioration, condenser blockage and mechanical problems. An air conditioner that goes for a long time without being used may create a conducive environment for germs such as bacteria and fungi to grow behind the car's dashboard. It is advisable to perform air conditioner maintenance regularly to avoid costly repairs.

Moisture accumulation in the air conditioner disrupts its ability to cool the car by contaminating the unit. The conditioner refrigerant, on the other hand, typically depreciates in efficiency by 15 percent every year. This is common in the winter when the conditioner stays without working. This lack of use may result in the drying of the refrigerant seals, lowering the efficiency of the refrigerant and the entire conditioner in general. Some ways to fix low refrigeration is to refill the refrigerant's gas tank and seal any leakages in the tongue.

Blockage of the condenser may result from accumulation of substances such as dirt, debris and grime. The blockage prevents the entry of high-pressure vapor from the conditioner's compressor into the condenser, disrupting air cooling. One way to fix this problem is by cleaning the condenser with a flushing agent that evaporates faster after use.

Mechanical problems of a car air conditioner may include a faulty compressor clutch, faulty pressure switches and dysfunctional conditioner valves. These problems may render the conditioner inefficient or cause total failure of the unit. Repairs may involve removing the defective parts and replacing them with new ones.