What Are Some Common Problems for the BMW Z4?


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Some common problems for the BMW Z4 are broken hood mechanisms, exhaust rattles, engine misfiring and water leaks into the trunk area. Most of these problems can be fixed by replacing worn parts; but if the engine is misfiring, diagnostic tests may be required.

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A broken hood mechanism can be fixed by replacing the broken part, most commonly a plastic molding available from the manufacturer. If the exhaust is rattling, it is most likely a faulty flap in the exhaust system, which can also be replaced. The exhaust may be more difficult to repair, and taking the car to the dealership might be the best option. If there is water in the trunk area, the electrical systems housed in the trunk may be affected. One cause of water in the trunk area is a faulty vent. BMW has designed a replacement vent, which is available from BMW dealers.

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