What Are Common Problems Associated With Nissan Altimas?

common-problems-associated-nissan-altimas Credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

Common problems with the Nissan Altima include excessive oil consumption, failure to start, external seal leakage and failure of the engine to heat. Other problems include engine light failure, oil leakage, excessive car movement and transmission failure.

A Nissan Altima consumes a lot of fuel, especially if the engine is overheating. This also happens when the viscosity level of the motor oil is too low and when the interval between oil drains and filter changes is overly extended. Additionally, a worn out seal or gasket may cause excessive oil consumption. A defective catalytic converter or a faulty valve guide seal can cause oil to burn in the engine.

A Nissan Altima may fail to start when steering lock control unit is worn out, the brake switch is faulty, or when the electric fuel pump is defective. A worn out axle shaft seal or a defective radiator may cause external seal leakage on the engine oil cooler. The engine may fail to heat due to a worn out crankshaft and camshaft position sensor.

A faulty catalytic converter closest to the head of the cylinder or a loose gas cap can cause failure of the engine light to illuminate. A defective head gasket and cracked block sealer can cause oil leakage in the engine.