What Are Common Problems With the 2002 Jeep Liberty?


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Common problems with the 2002 Jeep Liberty include failure of the engine, noisy power door locks, misfiring check engine light, transfer case leaks and poor gas mileage. Other problems include flickering interior lights, failure of A/C heater, overheating radiator and malfunctioning dash gauge cluster.

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Neglecting oil changes, oil leakage, failure to flush the engine coolant regularly and flooding of the engine can cause engine failures in the 2002 Jeep Liberty. Door locks can become noisy in case of a faulty power door actuator or a defective door lock switch. A defective intake valve and lock can cause the check engine light to illuminate with no reason.

A loose drain plug and a clogged seal can result to leaks in the transfer case. A faulty oxygen sensor and misfiring spark plugs can cause poor gas mileage. Turning the air conditioner on while driving, idling and poor driving habits can lead to excess use of gas. Flickering of the Interior lights randomly is caused by a malfunctioning alternator and loosely connected ground cables

A leak in the cooling system, a defective thermostat and a faulty blower fan in the 2002 Jeep Liberty can cause failure of the A/C heater to blow warm air. A slip in the cooling system, a wrong coolant concentration and a worn radiator fan can lead to overheating of the engine. A flawed battery and a faulty alternator can be the reason behind the breakdown of the dash gauge cluster.

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