What Is a Common Problem Found When Purchasing a Used Truck Camper Shell?


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The common problem found when buying a used truck camper shell is purchasing the wrong size. Almost all camper shell manufacturers provide the option of having the camper shell fit or sized according to the person’s specific truck, which guarantees accurate fit.

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Another pitfall involved in buying used truck camper shell is purchasing a collapsible camper shell instead of a more stable shell. The more durable and lasting shells are aluminum and fiberglass shells. These shells are stronger and stay up throughout. On the other hand, collapsible shells are generally temporary and may be raised and lowered each time they are being used, which exerts more pressure on them, thus reducing their lifespan. Another challenge of purchasing a used truck camper shell is that a person may not know how to attach the shell correctly to the truck.

The most important thing to look for when purchasing a camper shell is the quality. The buyer should carefully take a close look at the windows for any gaps or free space between the window frame and the shell. The second thing is to pay attention to the general look of the entire camper shell and how the core was made. A person should ensure that the shell contains two layers of materials and if possible, have a honeycomb design, which is stronger.

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