What Are Some Common Mobile Home Parts and Supplies?

Common mobile home parts and supplies include exterior fixtures such as vents, siding, skirting and roofing. Indoor parts consist of bathroom fixtures and plumbing upgrades, including new water heaters, pipes and fittings.

Siding for mobile homes is typically made of vinyl and comes in an array of colors. Homes with flat roofs benefit from rubber roofing material that is easily self-installed and completely waterproof. Mobile home skirting is available in a number of colors and styles. It is designed to withstand the most frigid weather conditions while adding an attractive ambiance to the home. Mobile home doors can even be customized with several styles of fully insulated or standard doors.

Interior upgrades include floor registers to help circulate both warm and cool air. Many styles of showers and bathtubs are available, and each are designed to maximize space without forfeiting comfort. Replacement sinks are both stylish and size-appropriate, and they can be outfitted with custom faucets that appeal to a multitude of style preferences.

Other mobile home upgrades include the installation of ABS fittings and pipes, which are light, durable and serve multiple purposes. These pipes are used for drainage, waste disposal and ventilation. Dura-Pex pipes can be installed to improve the quality of drinking water, and water heaters that use radiant heat systems can replace older, less efficient models. To protect plumbing from inclement weather, a mobile home owner can install pipe insulation and heat cables.