What Are Common Mistakes Made When Resetting an Airbag?

Some common mistakes made when resetting an airbag include failing to reset the airbag light, damaging the airbag module or failing to properly set the airbag clock spring. Most automobiles with airbags include built-in diagnostic systems that allow users to check for specific issues with the airbag.

Each time an airbag is deployed, it must be reset to ensure proper deployment in the future. One of the most common errors made during a replacement is damaging the airbag module, which controls the deployment of the airbag. This can occur through mishandling parts and tools while the actual bag is being replaced. In some cases the module becomes damaged during an accident and is not properly recognized when other parts are repaired.

Many cars with airbags feature an airbag check light that informs the driver of any issues with the airbag system. This is a vital tool for ensuring that airbags have been replaced properly. This system typically does not display detailed information on the dashboard, but instead requires a special diagnostic tool to determine the issue. Even if the airbag light does not turn on after an airbag replacement, it is recommended that the installer uses the correct diagnostic tools in case the light is malfunctioning.