What Are Some Common Mikuni Carburetor Models?

Common Mikuni carburetor models include HSR48, HSR45, BN44, TM24 and VM30, as of 2015. Mikuni offers VM, HSR, RS, TM and Super BN series of carburetors. The carburetor series features models with various throttle bore sizes.

Mikuni’s HSR series models are available in bore sizes of 42, 45 and 48 millimeters. The HSR carburetors feature smoothbore and flat-side throttles with roller bearings, and accelerator pump technology. HSR carburetors are available for stock, mild and highly tuned engines. Mikuni offers easy, race, total, and sportster and Buell carburetor kits. HSR easy kits feature 42- and 45-millimeter models that are compatible with stock engines.

HSR race kits offers 48-millimeter carburetors are suitable for racing cars with heavy-duty motors. The HSR48 carburetor features an extended main jet and larger needle valve assembly that enhances fuel flow to the engine. It also offers the highest air flow with accurate fuel metering.

The Mikuni VM series include a wide range of round slide single carburetors for single cycle motorcycle and all-terrain vehicles. VM carburetors offer application in motocross, trail riding, road racing and flat track racing on two-stroke and four-stroke engines.

The Mikuni Super BN series offers high-performance square pump carburetors for racing watercraft applications. The carburetor features a high-capacity fuel pump, special needle valves, springs and externally adjustable metering screws.