What Are Some Common Mechanical Problems With Toyota Camry?

Some of the most common mechanical issues with the Toyota Camry are excessive oil consumption, stripped head bolts in the engine and engine failures. Some owners have also reported that they have experienced unintended acceleration when braking, while others have reported that the dashboards of their Camrys have warped or split over time.

Excessive oil consumption is the most commonly reported issue among all years of the Toyota Camry production runs, as of 2015, though cars built from 2007 to 2009 seem to be the most affected. Oil consumption in these vehicles is so high that the cars may run out of engine oil at only half the recommended mileage for service, and it is thought by many owners that excessive oil consumption is due to defects in the piston rings of the Camry's engine. Excessive oil consumption is not only inconvenient but potentially damaging to the engine, with some owners reporting their vehicles have required complete engine replacements due to damage from running out of oil prematurely. While Toyota has issued a technical service bulletin regarding this issue, Toyota also maintains that the Camry and other Toyota models experiencing similar issues are consuming oil within the normal design limits of their engines.