What Are Common Mechanical Problems With 2.7 Dodge Engines?


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Common mechanical problems with 2.7 Dodge engines include failure of the engine to start, the presence of oil sludge, premature timing, excessive overheating and lubrication issues. Other problems include a malfunctioning Service Engine Soon light, neglected oil change, a disregarded engine oil light and normal mileage wear and tear.

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A low or discharged battery, faulty ignition switch, defective fuel pump or corroded battery cable can cause failure of the engine to start. In addition, a faulty crankcase ventilation system can lead to the buildup of oil sludge. A missed oil change and an increased interval between oil changes can also result in premature timing tensioner failure.

A defective thermostat, poor airflow through the radiator, poor heat conductivity inside the engine or a low coolant level can cause excessive overheating in a 2.7 Dodge engine. An oil leak, defective rubber engine mount or defective suspension bushings can result in a loss of lubrication to metal parts in the engine. Furthermore, a loose or missing gas cap, worn-out spark plug or faulty electronic control module can lead to failure of the Service Engine Soon light.

Failure to change oil at regular intervals can result in a malfunctioning engine. In addition, design flaws or non-insured parts can cause normal mileage wear and tear. A faulty oxygen sensor or worn-out catalytic converter can also cause the engine oil light to fail.

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