What Are Some Common Lincoln Town Car Repairs?


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Common repair problems for the Lincoln Town Car include issues with the compressor for the air suspension, coolant leaks from the intake manifold due to cracks, and corrosion on the battery cables. In addition, Lincoln has recalled the Town Car for a possible loss of steering, due to possible separation of the upper intermediate steering shaft and corrosion of the steering shaft in areas that use salt to deice roads.

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The Town Car has an air ride suspension, which eliminates coil springs. This system depends on an air compressor that inflates struts to support the car. Leaks in the struts and air dryer are common in this vehicle. Such leaks cause the air compressor to work harder than normal and may cause premature failure. A defective compressor leaves the struts uninflated, so the car rides too low to the ground.

The design of the vehicle's intake manifold makes it susceptible to cracks near the thermostat housing. These cracks allow coolant to leak from the manifold, which in turn causes the engine to overheat. Owners who notice a coolant leak should have the repair made immediately to prevent serious damage to the engine.

Corrosion on battery cables can prevent the vehicle from starting or running properly. Corrosion from the terminal can move inside the cables and result in issues affecting the drivability of the Town Car.

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