What Are Common Lincoln Town Car Problems?


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Common problems with the Lincoln Town Car include transmission failure, cracked intake manifold, compressor breakdown, overheating and corrosion on battery cable ends. Other problems include electrical faults, engine issues, failure of the brakes and an inaccurate fuel gauge.

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A hard and erratic shift, a transmission slip, shifting into wrong gear and transmission fluid leak can result to transmission failure. A poorly built intake manifold can cause cracks near the thermostat resulting in coolant leakage in the front coolant runner. A sagging suspension, loss of lubrication and a restriction inside the A/C system can lead to compressor failure.

A defective impeller, a leak in the cooling system, a wrong coolant concentration, or a faulty thermostat can cause a Lincoln Town Car to overheat. Corrosion of battery cable ends may occur when the car is venting out hydrogen gas or when there is an acid leak from the battery. A faulty power automatic window switch, a worn out cruise control or a broken air conditioner control can cause electrical problems in this vehicle.

Engine problems occur as a result of lack of lubrication, overlooking oil leaks, disregarding the engine oil light, or ignoring the cooling system. Loss of fluid pressure in the brake system, a faulty anti-lock braking system modulator and a broken master brake cylinder can cause brake failure. The fuel gauge may experience problems when there is excessive resistance in the sending unit or a short in the wiring between the fuel gauge and the sending unit.

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