What Is the Common Layout of the Inside of an A380?

What Is the Common Layout of the Inside of an A380?

The Airbus A380 is a double-decker plane with different sections dedicated to first class, business class and economy class. There are several variations of the Airbus A380, with the most common type having an open suite first-class section for approximately a dozen seats, a business-class section and an economy section. Depending on the style and airline, an A380 can seat around 450 to 500 people.

Airbus A380s are used by multiple airlines, including Emirates, British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa.

There are three variations of A380s used by Lufthansa. In the most common model, first-class and business-class seats are on the upper deck with a 1-2-1 and 2-2-2 seating configuration respectively. The lower deck for economy has a 3-4-3 seating configuration. First-class seats have 31.5 inch width and economy seats have 17 inch width. Other A380 models have angled business-class seats, a premium economy seating in a 2-4-2 configuration in front of standard economy or several economy seats added to the upper deck.

Emirates also has three different layouts of A380s. First-class seats are in 1-2-1 staggered rows, and business-class lounges are in 1-2-1 layouts on the upper deck. Economy class on the lower level is in a 3-4-3 seating configuration. Emirates also has an A380 that holds only business class and economy class.

Air France A380s have nine angled first-class seats and economy seats in a 3-4-3 layout on the lower level. The upper deck seats business class in a 2-2-2 layout, with small sections for premium economy in a 2-3-2 layout and economy in a 2-4-2 layout behind it. British Airways also seats first-class seats on the main deck in an angled 1-2-1 configuration, provides staggered seating for its Club World customers on both levels, and has 2-4-2 seating configuration for World Traveller seats.