What Are Some Common Jeep Electrical Problems?


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Common Jeep electrical problems include faulty gauges and hazards, sporadic dash light function, quick flashing of the blinkers and hazards, and a faulty blower motor switch. Other problems include faulty brake light, a damaged clockspring, stalling and difficulties when starting.

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The gauges may come on and off sporadically due to a dirty cluster plug. Removing the cluster and cleaning it fixes the issue. Faulty hazards may be due to dirty connections in the switches and the steering column. Fixing involves blowing compressed air into the headlight switch, or into the turn signal or hazard switch assembly in the steering column. If cleaning doesn't work, change the switch. A dirty or broken connector in the dimmer switch affects the functionality of the dash light. Cleaning the switch using compressed air or sanding the thin wire that contains a resistor to remove corrosion may fix the issue. Quick flashing of the blinkers and hazards may be due to swapped LED lights or losing a bulb.

Low speeds on the blower motor switch and a burned smell if the heater is on may be due to blower motor short, or a faulty blower motor resistor. Replacing the blower motor may cure the problem. Installing a new brake system may fix a faulty brake light in the dash. A faulty clockspring stops the horn and cruise control from working. Replace the clockspring as it is not serviceable. Loose or corroded battery connections may cause sporadic functioning of the volt gauge, stalling and a difficult starting. The remedy includes checking that the battery and alternator connections are firm.

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