What Are Some Common Issues With the Nissan Pathfinder?

The most common issues with Nissan Pathfinders are transmission problems and coolant leaks. The year models with the most issues reported at the 2005 and 2013, although no year has gone by with zero issues. The Nissan Pathfinder is ranked overall by most consumer comments as a quality vehicle despite the issues that the model has had at various stages of development.

There are also several complaints and issues with the gas mileage being incorrect on several models of Pathfinder. These complaints are much fewer than the coolant leaking into the transmission on the 2005 models. This issue leads to the transmission slipping, jerking and possibly overheating or slipping a gear. If these issues occur during driving they can lead to possible car wrecks or major damage to the vehicle.

On later models the transmission jerking continued to be an issue, but is unrelated tot he coolant leak in the earlier models. The 2013 model also has a small handful of issues with the engine dying or shutting off during operation. This is another dangerous issue that could lead to extremely dangerous driving situations.

Customers who own these year models may want to take proactive action and have the vehicles checked out by their local mechanic or Nissan dealer to verify that there are no potential issues with the vehicle. Anyone looking to buy one of these vehicles used or from a private buyer should take similar steps before buying.