What Are Some Common Issues With the Ford F-250?

Problems with the suspension, transmission, engine and accessories are some common issues with the Ford F-250. A few other problems include coolant leaks and diesel fuel tank de-lamination.

Suspension problems in the Ford F-250 are called death wobbles. The car tends to vibrate and rock from side to side during turns or for no specific reason. At times, the steering becomes difficult to control. The solution is to stop the car or take it for servicing. The automatic transmission system also shifts the gears hard or the car has transmission pump problems. The hard shifts mostly occur from low to high gear or in reverse gear, and it is accompanied by a loud noise.

A few problems inside the vehicle include a malfunctioning ignition system and expensive navigation update options. The inability to install a fifth wheel hitch or a gooseneck is a serious exterior accessory problem with the Ford F-250.

Internal coolant leaks from the EGR valve leave a white smoky trail from the exhaust pipe. In addition, a faulty thermostat bypass tends to increase pressure in the cooler and cause radiator problems. The entire thermostat system or the radiator must be replaced in such cases. The fuel filters can become congested with dust and debris resulting in the de-lamination of the diesel fuel tank and damaged fuel injectors.