What Are Some Common GM Check Engine Codes?


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Common GM check engine codes include: P1510, which indicates a problem with the backup air supply; P1525, which warns that throttle body service is required; P1545, which shows a problem with the air conditioner clutch relay control circuit; P1554, which indicates an issue with the speed control status circuit; and P1620, which suggests that the engine coolant level is low. Check engine codes may be vehicle specific. For example, the P1620 applies only to Saturn vehicles.

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Check engine codes allow for the diagnosis of vehicle problems. On the dashboard, the words "check engine" appear or an engine symbol lights up when a problem triggers a code. The dashboard does not provide any additional information. In order to discover the precise code, the owner or mechanic needs a code reader.

The code reader attaches to an automobile's instrument panel. The check engine code provides the owner or mechanic with a general idea of what system or part may need a repair. The codes do not provide specific information. Instead, the vehicle needs additional diagnostic tests before a repair can begin. Vehicle service manuals contain information that can assist in determining the needed repair.

Check engine codes are part of a vehicle's on-board diagnostic system. All cars sold in the United States must contain an on-board diagnostic system.

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