What Are Some Common Ford GT Supercar Features?


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Some common Ford GT Supercar features include a mid-mounted Eco-Boost Engine, fully digital info cluster, carbon fiber body material and a two-door coupe body shell. Other features include aerodynamic efficiency capabilities, narrow profile canopy and a Formula-1 inspired steering wheel

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The Ford GT Supercar features a mid-mounted Eco-Boost Engine with wide powerband and race-endurance capabilities. The engine features a direct dual fuel-injection system to improve engine response. The engine is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle to improve driver control. It has a fully digital info cluster that gives performance-specific feedback configurable to different driving modes and environments.

The car features a carbon fiber-inspired design that reduces its weight. Advanced light materials are integrated in acceleration, safety, handling, efficiency, safety and braking capabilities. It features rear subframes and an aluminium front infused with structural carbon fiber panels. It has a curved windshield that minimizes drag and gives the GT Ford Supercar a jetfighter-like view.

The GT ford Supercar features aerodynamic efficiency capabilities that optimize its stability. It has active rear spoilers on both driver and speed inputs. The car features a narrow-profile canopy and a two-seat cockpit accessed by upward-opening doors. It features a two-door coupe body shell and advanced driver connectivity system. It has a Formula-1 inspired steering wheel with upfront controls that provides a stalkless steering column.

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