What Are Some Common Ford Freestar Problems?

Common problems with the Ford Freestar include transmission failure, misfiring engine, cracked panel below the rear, failure of power steering and hesitation during acceleration. Other problems include failure of the key to come out of the ignition, vibration and a cracked rear axle.

A low transmission fluid level, dirty or oxidized fluid, an overfilled transmission fluid reservoir or transmission fluid leakage can cause failure of automatic transmission in the Ford Freestar. Faulty exhaust gas recirculation, a worn out spark plug or a weak ignition coil can result in a misfiring spark plug in the engine. Additionally, low fuel pressure, a dirty fuel injector or a worn out valve spring can cause the engine to misfire.

A low level of power steering fluid, a worn out power steering pump or leaking hydraulic power steering fluid can lead to the failure of electronic power steering. A misfire in one or more fuel cylinders, a faulty sensor or a fault in the electrical system can result in hesitation when starting.

A defective ignition switch and the presence of broken wires on the side of the shifter can result in failure of the key to come out of ignition. Lack of tire balance or a worn out brake rotor can cause a Ford Freestar to shake and its steering wheels to vibrate. Overloading a Ford Freestar, a defective carrier bearing or a severe bump on the road can cause the car rear axle to break.