What Are Some Common Ford F250 Problems?


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As reported by RepairPal, the most recurrent Ford F250 problems as of 2015 include white smoke emission from the tail pipe and coolant leakage from the radiator. The vehicle also sometimes encounters a problem with the mixture of water and fuel in the engine.

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According to the Truck Trend Network, the white smoke emission fault occurs when the engine routinely takes short trips without reaching its operating temperature. Condensation builds up on the hot side boot and is eventually forced out through the inter cooler to the engine when the driver decides to take a long trip. As stated by the site, Ford published a technical service publication for the complication in February 2011.

As RepairPal reports, coolant leakage is the second most reported fault concerning the Ford F250. The site suggests that the coolant leak occurs when the thermostat bypass sustains damage. A defective thermostat bypass causes compression spikes in the cooling system, which leads to radiation collapse. According to the site, the hitch can only be fixed by replacing the entire thermostat system and the radiator.

As stated by the Truck Trend Network, the fuel and water mixture issue in the Ford F250 occurs due to a water separator failure. This causes a reaction that forms a thick, white greasy substance in the collection bowl. According to the site, this blocks the drain valve ports that confine water in the fuel system. The water eventually reacts with the metal in the injection assembly, causing fatal engine damage.

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