What Are Some Common Floor Plans for Double-Wide Trailer Homes?


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Most commonly, double-wide trailer homes feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms along with a kitchen, living room and dining room. Other plans may also feature a den and or laundry room.

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Mobile homes are generally classified as either single-wide or double-wide. Both are prefabricated structures built in a factory and then transported to a new location. Single-wide trailers are transported as a single unit and are 18-by-90 feet or less in size. Double-wide trailers are transported in two units and are also 90 feet long but are 20 feet wide or more.

Because of their larger size, double-wide trailers can accommodate more rooms than a single-wide. Most commonly, the main entrance to the trailer comes in to the living room area, and the rear exit to the structure is often found in the kitchen. Some feature bedrooms on both sides of the trailer, while some may have them all on one side. Utility rooms and studies may be added to the floor plan in addition to the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining areas. Some people use their trailer as their permanent living space, while others may only use them as a vacation home.

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