What Are Some Common Features of Recreational Vehicles?

What Are Some Common Features of Recreational Vehicles?

Common features in a recreational vehicle include a kitchen, bathroom and one or more sleeping areas. Features vary depending on the type of recreational vehicle.

Types of recreational vehicles include motorhomes and travel trailers. Motorhomes are divided into classes.

Class A motorhomes tend to be the largest recreational vehicles, in terms of both size and interior space. They have the most features and are the most expensive. Possible features include a living room with a sofa and a television, and a full kitchen with a large refrigerator, an oven, a microwave and a dishwasher. Bathrooms have showers and flushing toilets.

Slightly larger than a van, class B motorhomes are the smallest motorhomes. They have features similar to those of class A motorhomes, although on a smaller scale and without certain amenities. Features include a small kitchen, bathroom and sleeping area.

Class C motorhomes are similar to class A motorhomes, but less expensive and with fewer amenities. One difference between this class of motorhomes and the other two is the driving compartment. In this class, the driving compartment is connected, but separate from the living area. In the other classes, the driving compartment is part of the living area.

Travel trailers are portable vehicles that are towed behind a vehicle. Sizes vary from 12 to over 30 feet. Available features vary significantly depending on the trailer, as some have few amenities while others offer luxury features.