What Are Common Driving Test Exam Questions?


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Driving test questions typically cover topics including road signs, awareness of right-of-way and dealing with other drivers on the road. These questions might include identifying the shape of a stop sign, knowing who goes first at an intersection and knowing the safest techniques for handling tight turns and descending long, steep hills.

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What Are Common Driving Test Exam Questions?
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In general, driving exams ask questions concerning safety, courteous driving and mastering important driving techniques. Test takers might encounter questions such as when it is acceptable, if ever, to exceed a posted speed limit and when and why car occupants wear seat belts. Questions often probe for common knowledge like what to do when approaching an intersection with a blinking yellow light. Other test questions might ask which way tires should rotate when a driver enters an intersection and who waits to take a left-hand turn. Tests often look for knowledge of driving safely in adverse weather conditions. These questions might include "What is a safe traveling speed in adverse conditions?" Possible answers include 55 mph, 65 mph, the posted speed limit or only as fast as is safely possible. Driver's exams pose questions and answers in a multiple choice format, generally giving students four choices of responses per question.

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