What Are Some Common Dodge Trouble Codes?


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P2509, P0442 and P0445 are some of the common Dodge trouble codes that result from aging of vehicle components. Understanding the meaning of these codes helps in troubleshooting vehicle problems.

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The P2509 "Electronic Control Module power input signal intermittent" code means the battery is either low, dropping or has a bad connection. The code may also indicate an overcharged or undercharged battery. The corresponding symptoms of a low battery include engine start failure, power cutoff while driving or wide tachometer fluctuations while idling. The P2509 code occurs due to diode leakages, battery failure or poor contact at the Electronic Control Module. The repair procedure for eliminating the P2509 code involves checking the connections or identifying and replacing the damaged batteries.

P0442 and P0445 occur intermittently since they both indicate leakages in the evaporative emissions system. The system displays P0442 if it detects a medium evaporative leakage while P0445 occurs if there is a short circuit in the evaporative system purge control valve. The evaporative system channels vapors to the combustion unit, thus preventing pollution of the environment. Evaporative leakages result from cracks in the fillers or poor contact between the gas cap and the gaskets. Medium vapor leakages activate the code P0442 while a short circuit in the system’s control valve causes high leakages, activating P0445.

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