What Are Some of the Common Complaints Noted About the PT Cruiser?


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Common complaints noted about the PT Cruiser include leaking chrome rims, oil leakages in the seals, defective tail lights, check engine light faults and sudden stalling. Other problems include defects in the radiator fan, transmission problems and breaking of the ignition switch.

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PT Cruiser users complain about peeling of its chrome wheel causing air leakages. This leads to random flats and frequent tire replacements, which is costly to users. The problem arises from deteriorating metal in the chrome wheel and corrosion of the center caps. Users also complain about oil leakages in the seals and transmission system caused by defects in the engine valves.

There are also complaints regarding defective tail lights and a rattling front end in the PT Cruiser. Users mention a faulty break system that makes the vehicle dangerous to steer on highways. Although it is cheap on gas, the vehicle constantly gives an engine code P0113 error. Many users on Consumer Affairs complain of failing check engine lights that come on even after repairs. The vehicle stalls with no power while the back lights go off during rainy conditions.

The radiator fan requires regular replacement, while some users complain of blown transmission systems. Some vehicles lack turbo-changed transmission systems, while others require transmission rebuilds. Users complain of faulty power steering pumps and hoses requiring constant replacement. There are also complaints in regards to breakage of the ignition switch due to defects in the switch housing assembly.

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