What Are Some Common Complaints About the Nissan Rogue?

Some common Nissan Rogue complaints are that it has weak acceleration, a noisy engine and faulty heating and cooling systems. Some reviewers also complain about a large rear blind spot, leaking windows and poor quality interior accessories.

Many reviewers on CarComplaints.com complain that the Rogue's heating, air-conditioning and navigation systems are faulty. Others report that its windows are not watertight, and that interior accessories such as door trim and dash panels break easily. CarandDriver.com finds that the Rogue has a large rear blind spot.

Edmunds.com reports that the Nissan Rogue has lackluster power, and the engine is noisy under hard acceleration, particularly when carrying passengers or cargo. CarGurus.com also reports that the Rogue is underpowered and that transmission shifting can be erratic.