What Are Some Common Complaints About Ford Vehicles?


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Some common complaints about Ford vehicles are that they have a high number of problems with their engines and transmissions. The Ford Explorer has the highest number of issues, with over 10,000 in the years the model has been available.

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Transmission problems for Ford vary from full transmission failure to slipping to the overdrive light blinking constantly. The transmissions have been reported to drop into neutral while driving and will not shift back into drive or any other gear.

The engine problems cover a wide range as well, but commonly involve the engines simply losing power while driving. The Ford MyTouch system in late model cars has become a very common system for the cars to have issues with. The touch screens are faulty and do not allow customers to fully use their various systems, like GPS and Bluetooth for their phones.

Several of the truck and van models also have the problem of broken axles. In many cases these cannot be repaired due to how the axle and drive shaft are made. This means that the piece has to be completely replaced with a different kind of axle. The axle problems can occur in both the front and rear axle, but issues with the front axle often means that the drive shaft will be affected as well.

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