What Are Some Common Complaints About Chrysler?


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Some of the most common complaints related to Chrysler vehicles include excess oil consumption for the Chrysler Town & Country, ticking noise coming from the engine of the Chrysler Pacifica and erratic turn signal operation from the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The Town & Country also has shifting problems and occasionally fails to start.

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Chrysler Town & Country vehicles manufactured between the years 1990 and 2011 may have faulty exhaust valve guides, camshaft plugs, valve cover gaskets, camshaft plugs or seals that cause the engine to consume large amount of oil unnecessarily. In some cases, the vehicle consumes one quart of oil every 750 miles. These vehicles are also prone to shuddering when shifting due to a problem with the automatic transmission. In some cases, the lock cylinder gets worn out and no longer responds to the key, requiring replacement of the lock cylinder.

Chrysler Pacifica vehicles manufactured between the years 2004 and 2008 may develop a ticking noise caused by a faulty retaining pin on the engine's rocker arm shaft. The pin breaks and causes the shaft to spin, blocking the passage of oil.

Chrylser PT Cruiser vehicles manufactured between 2001 and 2009 may feature a defective turn signal lever that causes erratic operation of the turn signal lights. In some cases, this can cause the car battery to die.

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