What Are Some of the More Common Complaints With the 2013 Ford Windstar?


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The Ford Windstar was only produced until 2003, but common complaints include transmission failures in the 2000 and 2003 models and the rear axle breaking off in the 2001 model, according to CarComplaints.com. The 2003 model has the worst complaints, but the 2000 model has the highest number of complaints.

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There are over 150 complaints of transmission failures from owners of the 2003 Ford Windstar. The rate of failure ranges from 60,000 miles to well over 200,000 miles with the average at 212,000 miles, as of 2015. Over 80 people found success in repairing the problem by replacing or rebuilding their transmissions while other owners replaced their torque converters.

Transmission failures account for over 130 complaints about the 2000 Ford Windstar, and the average rate of failure happens at about 100,000 miles. The most popular repair route is to replace the transmission or rebuild it. Over 30 owners want to see Ford recall the vehicle. Transmission repairs cost over $2,000 on average for the 2000 and 2003 Ford Windstar.

There are over 80 reports of rear axles breaking in half on the 2001 Ford Windstar at around 115,000 miles, amounting to over $900 on average to repair. Ford recalled the part in 2010.

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