What Are the Most Common Chrysler PT Cruiser Repairs?


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The three most commonly reported major problems requiring repair for the Chrysler PT Cruiser are cracked dashboards, peeling wheels and electrical problems, as reported by automotive website CarComplaints. The 2001 PT Cruiser has the most complaints overall.

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Cracked dashboards are the primary complaint of Chrysler PT owners, particularly among owners of 2001 model year PT Cruisers. The cracks are often due to a manufacturing defect, and some models of the PT Cruiser were recalled because of this issue. Repair involves a complete replacement of the affected dashboard.

The Chrysler PT Cruiser's second-most common issue is peeling in the car's chrome wheels. While small amounts of peeling are a cosmetic issue, many drivers report significant enough peeling to cause the PT Cruiser's tires to lose air. As this presents serious safety issues, the most common fix for this issue is to replace the affected wheels entirely.

The third-most common repair on PT Cruisers involves the car's electrical systems. A variety of electrical issues have been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority, with the most common being problems with the vehicle's ignition. Depending on the specific issue, affected PT Cruisers either fail to start when the ignition is turned, fail to shut down when the key is turned off or shut down while driving.

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