What Are Some Common Chevy Silverado Transmission Problems?


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Common transmission problems with the Chevy Silverado include awkward shifting, delayed gear engagement, transmission overheating and low fluid levels. Other problems include difficulty in shifting from second to third gears and involuntary vibration.

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A faulty shift solenoid or an open electric circuit can cause hard and erratic shifting or shifting into the wrong gears. An old, dirty or oxidized transmission fluid can extend the time taken by a Chevy Silverado before engaging gears. High temperatures during transmission can occur when there is fluid leakage.

A defective pan gasket or a loose oil filler tube can lead to low levels of the transmission fluid. Problems when changing gears may be a result of a faulty valve body or loss of pressure. A worn-out torque converter can result in uncontrolled shaking when a Chevy Silverado accelerates.

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