What Are Some Common Car Starting Problems?

Some common car starting problems include a dead battery, bad ignition switch, broken starter, empty fuel tank and clogged fuel filter. An empty gas tank is another common reason. Some of these problems have easy solutions that car owners can fix on their own, while some require assistance by a technician.

A dead battery is the most common reason cars fail to start. Dead batteries can result from a number of factors, including leaving lights on or using the air conditioner when the car isn't running, not starting the car for periods of time, water in the component, loose wires or old age.

Car owners can test if the problem lies with the battery or a bad ignition switch by attempting to turn on the car's headlights. If the headlights turn on, the car battery is working, and the problem may be the ignition switch. If there is a clicking noise when starting the ignition, this may indicate a weakened or broken starter.

When fuel filters are clogged, not enough fuel is able to reach the engine, preventing it from starting. A good preventative action to take for this issue is to get the filter changed every 15,000 miles as part of general car maintenance.