What Are Some Common Car Repair Questions and Their Answers?

What Are Some Common Car Repair Questions and Their Answers?

A flat tire, dead battery and faulty spark plugs are several common car repair issues. Other frequent questions about car repairs relate to broken tail lights and squeaky belts.

To fix a flat tire, turn the hazard lights on and move the car to a safe location; open the car's hood to indicate distress. Remove the spare tire and repair tools. If replacing a front tire, turn on the emergency brake; if a back tire, put the car in first gear if manual transmission, or chock the opposite front wheel if automatic transmission. Use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts.

Place the jack on a flat, hard surface; use it to raise the car slightly. Unscrew the lugs and remove them. Remove the tire and place it horizontally under the car. Attach the spare tire to the wheel hub by screwing in all of the lugs. Remove the flat tire from under the car and lower the vehicle to the ground. Retighten all the lug nuts.

To jump start a dead battery, park a functioning car next to the vehicle with a dead battery. Use jumper cables connect the two positive terminals of the respective batteries. Connect one end of the negative cable to the negative terminal on the functioning car's battery and the other end to a stable, grounded part of the dead car's engine bay.

Run the engine of the functioning car for several minutes, and then try to start the engine on the car with the dead battery. If the battery doesn't restart, continue running the functioning car while the cables are attached.