What Are Some of the Most Common Car Repair Jobs?

Some of the most common car repair jobs are the replacement of brake pads and rotor, changing of oil, replacement of the fuel pump, ignition system, electrical system, tires and water pump and radiator flushes. Expensive repairs commonly done include fixing the transmission, air conditioning, exhaust and coolant systems.

These repairs are commonly carried out on cars because the life spans of the corresponding parts tend to be shorter than the life span of the vehicles.

Repairs or replacement of the brake pads, batteries and tires are related to the wear and tear the car undergoes. Car oil needs a change once a few thousand miles as this lengthens the engine's life span and boosts the car's resale value. Likewise, the fuel pump tends to get clogged with use and fuel filters require regular replacement. Also, the components of a car's electrical system, such as the cables, bulbs and fuses, may loosen, wear out or get damaged with use.

Normally, such repairs are fairly inexpensive. Moreover, if the repairs are uncomplicated such as replacing a bulb, they may be done at home. However, more serious and complicated ones, such as electrical faults, issues with the fuel pump, muffler and transmission problems, demand professional attention. These repairs and others, such as replacement of the brake rotor, ignition and the starter, also tend to be quite expensive.