What Are Some Common Car Complaints?


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The most common car complaints regard premature brake wear, cracked panels below the rear window, transmission failure, windows that don't roll up properly and cracked dashboards, as of 2015. Several other common complaints include blinking overdrive lights, coolant leaking into transmission, hard shifting and excessive oil consumption.

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Many vehicle users complain about premature or uneven brake pad wear. Brakes wear out because of natural use over time and because of improper use or installation. Driving with worn brake pads increases the likelihood of needing to replace drums or rotors. Users complaining about pads that are unevenly worn down need to service or replace the caliper if the inside pad is more worn down. If the outside pad is more worn down, users should replace the mounting hardware and apply lubricant to the slides.

Transmission failure is a big common complaint about cars, because a vehicle doesn't operate with a failing transmission. The key to avoiding this complaint is to diagnose the problem in your transmission before it escalates. Several indicators that your transmission might be struggling include a manual transmission vehicle refusing to go into gear, the smell of burning transmission fluid, the transmission making weird noises while in neutral, and the car spontaneously popping out of gear.

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